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"The best educators are the best learners. They can adapt to tomorrow's contexts, technologies, languages" (AITSL)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Welcome to your year of learning!

Greetings and Happy New Year to new and old members alike! 2013 has already seen a massive boom in the Clifton Hill Network, primarily due to the acquisition of the no-longer Richmond CRT Network. To all of you, welcome! I'm thrilled to have so many eager learners on the roster and look forward to the year to come. As many of you know, funding has always been an issue for the CRT networks, and the lack of funds inhibits the amount of times the network leaders can actually pay for presenters to come in and speak to our members. In spite of this, we will all continue to find creative ways to learn together and improve our practice on the cheap. Let's start by reflecting back on some of the best learning accomplished in 2012, as well as setting learning goals for 2013. What are you going to learn in the new year? How is this going to make you a better teacher? What do you need to get there? Let me know so I can help you get there!

In the meantime, Coursera (the world's best courses, online, for free) has created a fun way to plan what you'd like to learn via shopping their spectacular course offers:

Complete the course for a certificate, or just study a relevant subject for a few hours and count what you've learned towards your PD. Share your course choices on Facebook or Twitter and see if any of your friends want to learn with you!

Let's make this our best year of learning yet; I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

"The inquiring mind is never satisfied with things as they are. It is always seeking ways to make things better and do things better. It assumes that everything and anything can be improved."

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